End all violence against and exploitation of woman

for this unit we had to chose a topic and create a infographic on one of the 17 goals of the UN global goal. I chose the target and all violence against and exploitation of women, in the goal number 5, gender equality. On this inforgraphic, i’m explaining the important information about that issue and put some call of action that we should do to stop it.

technology, today


What do you like best about Technology?

First of all, in the world of today, the technology has become something almost indispensable. I do like it. Every thing or more easy and fast.we can do more things than our parents or grandparents could thanks to several technological innovations, and some of them are very useful. The problem with this, is that some people lose their job because their post are replaced by a machine.who knows what we’ll be technology in 20                                                                                years.